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    Posted by Letoya Barbee

    Fashinista Now - Love The Body Chain Jewelry Trend?

    Body chains made a return in 2009/2010 as the ultimate out-of-the-box statement jewelry option worn over clothing and the trend is still alive and kicking up to this day. Wanna get a clue on how to wear these full body chains?


    History of the body chain:

    The concept of body jewelry has traces of Indian origin. Indian women decorate their waist area and other body parts with light or heavy chains that are worn over saris/dresses or simply over exposed bellies. The style enters into the European world where women there popularizes the trend of wearing chains over their bellies partnered with the casual crop top and pants/skirts.

    Cross body’s the way:

    These days, the go-to body chain style is cross-body. Made mainstream popular by pop stars with bootylicous bods, Beyonce and Rihanna, you’d know that it’d be tough to rival their hourglass body-perfect appeal. Even dog chains and wrinkly gunny sacks will prove to look insanely attractive on them.

    Across the fashion blogs online, closer to the real world, you’ll find the young crowd embracing the more contemporary mode of wearing the glam body chain with bikinis or with super casual tees and shorts/skirts.

    Scroll below for how lookbookers are wearing the body chain trend and some tips on how to wear them well. Go and shop these beautiful body chains and spice up your look at barbeeboutique.com!



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