Letoya Barbee opened her first online boutique in 2014. She was very picky as a buyer, so she used more than 50 different vendors. Each time they would launch a new collection, she would pick only two percent of the line. She was spending so much time trying to find trendy items that weren’t crazy expensive that it prompted the question: “Can we do this ourselves?” So she decided to launch her own line.

Barbee Label is a fashion forward line created with the intention of celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. The brand creates collections that scream luxe without the price tag or compromise to quality. 

We design and produce in limited quantities to ensure that our styles are exclusive, and individualized for our clients. We love all things in the neutral palette, but that’s the only basic thing about us. Barbee Label is known for trendy, flattering, unique and simple designs that accentuate the female figure, while maintaining a great sense of sophistication.

Potential designers: if you are a designer that feels your work reflects the design aesthetic of Barbee Label, then submit your request, with attached images, to info@barbeelabel.com. A team member will contact you accordingly.